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Advantages of being left handed

1a.) The brain consists of two halves (hemispheres) each performing different tasks, and it is sometimes thought that in left-handers these functions are more evenly distributed between the two sides i.e. our brains are more symmetrical.

1b.) More creative and holistic thinker. Common thought holds that the right side of the brain (which controls the left hand), is responsible for prowess in art, music, writing, and spatial awareness.

2.) Being left-handed affects the way a person thinks. One theory divides left- and right-handed thinkers into two camps: visual simultaneous vs. linear sequential. According to this theory, right-handed people are thought to process information using a "linear sequential" method in which one thread must complete its processing before the next thread can be started. Left-handed persons are thought to process information using a "visual simultaneous" method in which several threads can be processed simultaneously. Another way to view this is such: Suppose there were one thousand pieces of popcorn and one of them was colored blue. Right-handed people—using the linear sequential processing style—would look at the popcorn one at a time until they encountered the blue one. The left-handed person would spread out the pieces of popcorn and look at all of them to find the one that was blue. A side effect of these differing styles of processing is that right-handers need to complete one task before they can start the next. Left-handers, by contrast, are capable and comfortable switching between tasks. This seems to suggest that left-handed people have an excellent ability to multi-task, and anecdotal evidence that they are more creative may stem from this ability to multi-task. Right-handed people process information using "analysis", which is the method of solving a problem by breaking it down to its pieces and analyzing the pieces one at a time. By contrast, left-handed people process information using "synthesis", which is the method of solving a problem by looking at the whole and trying to use pattern-matching to solve the problem. The hypothesis that left-handed people are predisposed to visual-based thought has been validated by a variety of evidence. In the 2004 book Brains That Work a Little Bit Differently, researchers Allen D. Bragdon and David Gamon, Ph.D., briefly described some of the current research on handedness and its significance. "Handedness researchers Coren and Clare Porac have shown that left-handed university students are more likely to major in visually-based, as opposed to language-based subjects. Another sample of 103 art students found an astounding 47 percent were left- or mixed-handed." Ultimately, being left-handed is not an all-or-nothing situation. The processing styles operate on a continuum where some people are more visual-simultaneous and others are more linear-sequential, but for the most part lefties see the big picture

3.) Left-handed folks have an advantage when it comes to fist fights. Nobody knows exactly why, but perhaps because that first swing from an unexpected hand makes all the difference

4.) Never miss at a toll booth. I actually saw this one printed on a t-shirt, but it just happens to be true. Left-handed people have an advantage when handling transactions at drive-through windows. Their dominant hand is already closest to the window.

5.) Get to choose your seat at the dinner table. Everyone knows you can't sit next to a lefty, otherwise you'll get your elbow bumped. Smart southpaws use this to their advantage to get a spot with more space. Unfortunately, this doesn't work as well at a circular table.

6.) Have an easier time writing in Hebrew. Many Arabic languages, including Hebrew are written from right to left. This alleviates the problem that lefties have when writing.

7.) Be a better baseball player. Left-handers tend to be better batters- they start out a few steps closer to first base. Besides that, it is a commonly-known fact that batters hit better when facing an opposite-hand pitcher. Since a majority of pitchers are right-handed, this naturally gives the advantage to the southpaws.

8.) Be a faster typist- on a standard qwerty keyboard there are about 3400 words that can be typed solely with the left hand, compared to about 450 words typed solely with the right hand.

9.) Less time in line. Studies show that most people veer to the right if there are multiple lines to choose from, but lefties tend to choose the line on their dominant side. A Disney World guidebook states that visitors will spend much less time in line for attractions if they choose the left-hand side when given an option.

10.) Left handed people tend to be more likely to be on the extreme ends of the intelligence scale then right handed people. Left handed people tend to have a higher tendency to be people with high I.Q.s. Left handed people who have higher I.Q.s tend to have an I.Q. of over 140

11.) Left-handers adjust more readily to seeing underwater.

12.) Left-handers excel also in tennis, basketball, swimming and fencing

13.) Have your own special day. August 13th has been declared International Left-Handers Day. The goal of Left-Handers Day is to increase awareness of the advantages (and difficulties) that come with being left-handed. The kitchen would be a particularly good example. Children, get mum, dad and any other righties to do all daily tasks using their normal equipment, but with their left hand e.g.: • Stir food in pans • Fill & pour kettle • Pour from milk/measuring jugs • Open tins • Peel vegetables/fruit • Open wine bottles • Use microwave/hob controls (often positioned on right of the equipment) • Wash up (draining board is often wrong side if you are holding the brush in other hand, so you have to pass wet dishes across your body to drain. • Using spatulas (angled ones go the wrong way for left hand use) • Cutting bread (wonky slices using right handed knife in left hand) • Eating & drinking - reverse cutlery and have drink in left hand • Cutting - using right-handed scissors in left hand is an excellent example of totally right-biased design that doesn't work well. • Ironing with board & iron reversed - adults & older children only ! • Using scissors can be an activity for any room in the house, as it works well. • etc., etc,. ** Please remember any children taking part in the above activities must be supervised by an adult at all times. ** In the playroom/study, • Again using stationery/craft items like scissors • Drawing a measured line with a ruler • Having the computer mouse on the left of the keyboard and try drawing a shape on screen, or clicking and dragging - we usually have to do this with our right hand as the mouse is shared, and always set up for right-handed users • Use the computer keypad to enter lots of numbers - using wrong hand • Draw or write in ring binder / spiral bound notepad with left hand - binding hurts wrist • Using fountain/ink pen or just felts and colour in with left hand - smudged work and ink on side of hand as it follows the work • If you have left handed guitar, give lessons to the right-handers. • Practice recorder or other instruments with hands reversed (top and bottom) In the garden/sports club • Either informal or organised gamed of left-footed football, or netball shooting with the left hand only. Works for most sports and your teams must all play left-handed (not just the lefties). Referee could penalise anyone not shooting/leading with their left, and may need a few "spotters" to keep watch! • Try cartwheeling leading with left foot and arm • Hopping through hoops, or playing hopscotch on left foot • Hoopla or skittles using left hand On holiday If you will be relaxing by the pool on your summer holiday, make Left-Handers Day an excuse for a fun game - left-handed volleyball on the beach, or left-hand only drinking at the bar - with forfeits for the losers and possibly a left-handed corkscrew for the winner!

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